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Student Websites

Helpful Resources
The not-for-profit side of the community of people that provide WordPress free to the world.
This is where all our student sites are hosted. You can host a website for free here, as a subdomain to, and they also offer lots of premium services (i.e. you pay for them). This helps support the ongoing open source WP project.
Extensive documentation of how WP works, from basic "getting started" to very advanced.'s more user-friendly version of "how to"
WP Beginner is one of many many commercial websites offering both free information and resources, and also selling stuff (themes, plugins, books, videos, etc.).
Another commercial site, a bit more aggressively trying to sell you stuff, but their blog has some good articles and some of their tutorial videos are available for free.
Elegant Themes is a "theme house;" they create and sell WP themes. Their blog, however, is an excellent source of great information about WP. Mr. A. follows them regularly for WP news and resources.