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Frequently Requested Forms!

PVUSD Health Services
Frequently Requested Forms!

immunizations requirements information English

California Department Of Health

Immunization requirements for school entry! Click on LEARN MORE HERE for more information and for other languages such as Spanish, Arabic, and much more!

Immunizations requirements

Immunizations Explained!

Edward A Hall Middle School Health Office!

Welcome to the Health Office!

Located on the Historical campus of E.A. Hall Middle School
We reside in room C21 on the other side of the Cesar Chavez Mural!
Health Care Assistant, on-site
Email: TBD
Health Office: 831-728-6270 Ext. 4092
FAX: 831-761-6150

Lorena Serna, RN
School Nurse, off-site
Contact: 831-728-6270 Ext. 4080 
EA Hall Middle School Health Office accepts
texts, photos & calls at number 831-508-0152

Please contact the Attendance Office
to report an absence due to illness!
Laura Gallegos - Attendance Specialist
831-728-6270 X4078 
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Services Provided
  • Routine and Emergency Medical First Aid
  • Medication Administration per Physician Orders in accordance with PVUSD
  • Individualized Health Care Plans & Implementation 
  • Health and Wellness Support Services, Resources, and Referrals
  • Implementation of Medical Accommodations per IEP/504 Plan & Physicians' Orders.
  • Annual Vision and Hearing Screening/Referrals for new students and 8th graders
  • Medical Support, Referrals, and Additional Resources/Support
  • Specialized Health Care per Physician Orders and recommendations
  • Support for services and limitations at school per Physician’s Medical Orders – such as Mobility Limitations and/or Physical Activity PE Limitations due to illness or injury
  • Managing Immunization Records, Updates & State Reporting
  • Health Documentation; Paper & Electronic
  • Personal Hygiene Products, as requested
  • Personal Protective Equipment (Masks, Gloves & Face Shields)
  • A Safe Space for All Students & Families
First Aid and Illness
Students who are not feeling well or are injured, while at school, are to report to the Health Office for assessment and care. If the student is unable to remain at school, School Staff will initiate contact with the parent/guardian.  If your child calls you during school hours/class and is not in the Health Office, for their safety, please direct them to the Health Office for proper assessment. We cannot diagnose or treat illness. As needed, we can perform routine first aid for minor injuries or emergency first aid procedures. We also help facilitate referrals to a Clinician/Medical office or Specialist for further medical assessment/evaluation as deemed medically necessary. 
Medication at School
  • Medication at school is limited to those students who require medication during the school day to treat a specific health problem.  Medications are to be supplied by the parent in a pharmacy bottle or original container labeled with the student’s name, name of the drug, correct dosage, as well as the date and amount of original medication in the container.
  • Medication is stored in the Health Office with the exception of those situations in which a student requires medication to be carried on his/herself for treatment of emergency conditions.
  • The student’s physician must prescribe the medication. Non-
    Prescription medications (such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen) must also be authorized by the student’s physician.  The Parent and Physician must complete and sign the consent and authorization form. 
  • Medications that continue into a new school year require written re-authorization by Parents and Physicians for each new school year.  If your child is currently taking medication at school, please pick up all unused medication by the last day of school. 
Student Individualized Health Care Plans
  • If your child has an ongoing or temporary medical diagnosis of a health condition, injury, or disability which may require medication, limitations, PE restrictions, special needs, daily routine health care, emergency first aid, or any other health care support, please contact the school health office.  If applicable, a health care plan may be developed to help ensure the health and safety of your student at school.
  • All healthcare plans must be reviewed and updated each school year.  Please notify the health office of any changes to your child’s current health status.
  • Medication Consent Form, Asthma Health Care Plan, Allergy Action Plan, Seizure Care Plan, Diabetes School Management Plan, PE Limitations Form, and others can be downloaded from this website.
California State-Mandated Health Screenings
Per CA State Education Code, a School Nurse will check your child's vision and hearing as requested by a teacher or through an annual vision and hearing screening done in the 8th grade. These tests will/may be administered unless you present to the school a certificate from a physician, audiologist, or optometrist verifying prior testing, or submit a letter denying consent for your child to be tested for vision and/or hearing.
Confidential Medical Services
School authorities may excuse any student in grades 7 through 12 from school for the purpose of obtaining confidential medical services without the consent of the pupil’s parent or guardian [Education Code 46010.1]


Welcome to the Falcon Health Office!

Wellness & Waiting Sation Here's our first aid station, hand washing station and waiting area for asymptomatic students!

Emergency Response Station We are ready for a medical emergency at any given moment!

Medication Station! Hydrate and get your medication administered here!

Symptomatic Station Privacy screens are up and ready to provide confidentiality and a safe place for ill students to rest while they wait to be picked up from school!

~~VITALS STATION~~ Got vitals? We have the ability to chack vitals: blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse, respirations and temperature!

Ready to serve your health care needs! Ashley Yoro Flowers, HCA

Face coverings required! We wear face-coverings for your safety and for ours...please wear your masks properly while in the Health Office and while on campus!